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Phoenix CCW class – Mumbai Shuffle stage

March 15, 2009

I occasionally assist my friend Keith Manning in teaching the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office CCW permit program.  Keith has done a fantastic job in preparing what I believe to be the BEST CCW program in the nation.   The program satisfies the basic Arizona CCW program requirements but Keith’s program goes far beyond that.  The class discusses the legal issues involved in self-defense situations, has an excellent lecture on combat mindset, and goes through potential responses to active shooter situations, which are sadly becoming more common.  The risk of an active shooter situation at a courthouse is regrettably quite high.

The class culminates in a student competition for the “Cooper Cup” named after Jeff Cooper, the dean of practical shooting.  The winner keeps the Cup until the next class where the Cup goes to the next winner.  Janice Brown of Pinal County was able to wrest the Cup from Maricopa County’s grip but they won it back this day. 

The stage is called the Mumbai shuffle, based on the worst case active shooter(s) situation in India.   The idea is that the student has just arrived at his/her office during the midst of an active shooter situation.  There is a a “battlefield pickup” rifle outside the car and shooter engages three hostile targets at 50 yards with one shot each (the rifle only has three so make em count!). The shooter then must run about 60 yards to a lock box which contains a handgun and a spare magazine or speedloader.  Once the box is opened, the shooter performs a “tactical el presidente” on three targets at 7 yards.  Each target gets one hit before any get two so the sequence is one, one, two, one, one, reload and repeat.

The video is of me demonstrating the course to the students before they shoot. I’ve shot this stage 4 times now and have yet to get it right but I keep getting faster. This time I shot my DSA FAL and then transition to a CZ SP01 Shadow in the lockbox.  All is going  well until I drop the magazine.  The fastest way to do the stage is to plant your spare magazine on top of your pistol in the box and grab it and retain it in your support hand during the first run across the targets.  This keeps the shooter from having t0 go back to the lock box.  NOTE: this is not how I would actually store a handgun in a lock box.  I would not have anything blocking my access to the handgun.

The shooter starts with the key to the lockbox on his/her person back at the car.  You can see I have it in my mouth for the rifle shooting and then transition it to my primary hand during the run.  Again, not necessarily the way to do it in real life but it shaves some seconds off the stage.

This run was just over 24.  I think if everything goes perfect,  a sub 20 is just possible.

Peter learned the “key” lesson the hard way. . . he’s got the key in his hand when he gets out of the truck, but watch what happens when he goes prone to shoot the rifle targets.

No student forgot the key after this!

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  1. Mike Darby permalink
    March 20, 2009 1:44 am

    love the AAAAHHHHHHH (OH CRAP) war cry……. reminds me of……. me !

  2. February 5, 2012 2:40 pm

    I could do sub 20…………. :-$

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