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ACTS match in Tucson

March 19, 2009

Here is a pistol/rifle stage from the ACTS match at Pima Pistol Club which takes place on two bays. The shooter starts with the handgun holstered and the rifle slung. There are some poppers that you must engage while moving. Then there is a transition to the rifle and there are 3 magazines with 5 rounds each awaiting for you at the barricade. A steel target at about 125 yards is then engaged with 5 rounds from two positions on the barricade and then prone for a total of 15 shots and 3 rifle reloads. Since there are only 15 rounds to make 15 hits, the shots have to count.

The most important thing on this stage is to reholster the pistol safely: finger off the trigger, pistol pointed away from the body, and safety on if you’ve got one.  I, for one, don’t care for stages with hot reholstering and you won’t ever see it at a match that I run.  I just think there is to much potential for an accidental shooting, particularly with Glock and XD style pistols.

As for the pistol shooting, you just have to have the visual patience to wait until the front sight is moving on the target  before firing the shot i.e. the approach method.  Several shooters tried to simply launch a bunch of rounds at the poppers with no avail.

You also have to have that visual patience with the rifle shots.  As soon as you see what you need to see break the shot.  Note the delay on the 3rd shot during the 2nd magazine when I’m kneeling.  The reticle slid off to the right of the target and I almost broke the shot just  to keep the cadence that I had been shooting.  DON’T just shoot to keep up a cadence!  I wait for the reticle to come back and then break the shot.

Also note the pace of the rifle shots.  Once prone with full body contact on the ground, magazine on the deck and elbows firmly planted, the pace really heats up.

As for equipment, the pistol is a CZ SP01 customized by the CZ Custom Shop (thanks Angus!) and the rifle is the one that I won Ft. Benning with: a DSA ZM4 worked over by JP with a Leupold 1.5-5X MR/T with a circle dot reticle.

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