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Rio Salado Long Range Stage March 14

March 19, 2009

This is a typical LR stage at the Rio monthly Rifle-Shotgun Match.  From the block house, the targets (MGM swingers and R&R steel)  are about 90 to 130 yards and from the top of the stairs, there are 4 Larues about 200-250 yards away.

With a 200 yard zero my FAL is shooting anywhere from an 2 to 3 inches high on the targets from the 1st shooting position.  So I need to hold slightly low on the targets on the first position and dead on on the targets from the 2nd position. All is going well until target #4. I keep breaking shots when the cross hair is breaking on the top of the plate and the rounds keep going right over the target.  I finally buckle down and hold at the bottom half of the plate getting a hit.

Note that I rest both elbows from both shooting positions.  Many shooters failed to do this from the 2nd shooting  position.  That rail gets you a bit more stability than having the elbow hanging in the breeze.  Typically, you want to get as stable as possible on the more technical shots. Every bit helps.

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