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Top Sniper II on Military Channel

March 24, 2009

Check out the International Sniper Competition at Ft. Benning on the quite in depth coverage from the Military Channel. Congrats to Sgts. Johnson and St. John from the AMU for their 2nd win in a row. Both are real soldiers, good guys as well as great shots and competitors. Note Sgt. Johnson’s self-designed customized stock on his sniper rifle (a Remington 700 in .300 Winchester Short Magnum shooting Sierra 175 Match Kings). I predict that it will the basis for the next generation of sniper rifle stocks. IMHO it’s way better than the AI chassis.

I have to pick on Sgt. Johnson a little bit. He is combat vet as well as an accomplished competitor in sniper competitions, 3 gunning, and Highpower. I hope he goes on to win the Wimbleton (sic) trophy at Perry. But we go head to head this weekend at Larue in Heavy Tactical so I hope he has a great match and comes in 2nd. Regardless of what happens when I think sniper, I think Robbie Johnson.

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