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Rio Salado Rifle Shotgun Match – May 2009

June 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay on the commentary.

The 1st stage is a straight forward shotgun stage, starting out on a Texas star.  Note  my head position at the start.  The shotgun is brought to my face as opposed to moving my face to the gun.  This saves time as the eyes are already on target and as soon as the sights come into view the eyes switch to the front sight and let her her rip.  Shoot the star towards the top and work down one side.  Also notice how I load the shotgun before the stage.  It is the same as how I will load the shotgun during the stage.  It is a little warmup that I almost always do.   Load that gun as if you were doing it for real.

The 2nd stage is another straight forward shotgun stage, starting with 2 slugs.   Again watch the head position, the gun is brought to the face which is already set to shoot.  Also check out the near foot fault as soon as I get to the 2nd box.  As soon as my foot enters that box, it’s on!  The most important thing about these shotgun stages is the loading.  You need to master shotgun loading as most of the time on many of these shotgun stages is spent loading not shooting.

The 1st rifle stage is a short range rifle stage with a lot of partial targets.  I shot this different than everybody else, prefering to start shooting right away as opposed to running around the shooting area, getting a better view of the targets.  As I am getting ready for the Euro Rifle (an IPSC match), I was off the pace from some other shooters as I’m shooting points.  This match is scored a la Mystery Mountain where 2 hits anywhere equals a neutralized target.   That just won’t work for an IPSC match where points count.  As for the shooting, note how the feet stay still and the upper torso is where the gun manuevers.  Moving the feet takes time and increases vibration through the body.  As note that make up shots occur nearly instantly.  If I call a bad shot, I send another right away.

The 2nd rifle stage is a long range stage with reactive steel steel targets anywhere from 100 – 250 meters.   I usually don’t wait for the ROs to call hits.  If I call a good shot, I’m transitioning to the next target as soon as I see the sight lift off the target.  If I call a bad shot, I send another.  I’ve done so even when the RO calls a hit as I focus more on reading the sights than what the RO says.  The key to shooting longer range rifle is to call shots and read the sights.

This is a stage where the targets were somewhat far apart.   When I transition between the targets, I don’t look through the rear sight and try to find the target through the rear sight.  I lift my head, look over the sight, find the target, and then drive the sights to the targets.

The rifle is a DSA ZM4 (DSA’s name for the AR15) with a JP barrel, VTAC handguard and Triangle Shooting Sports Rolling Thunder Comp which does a good job.  The ammo is handloaded 77 grain Sierras which are phenom accurate.  The rifle is zeroed at 250 meters so the sight picture is a lollipop on each target as the bullet is traveling over the front sight until 250 meters.    Note the extended front sight for maximum sight radius.

Rio Salado puts on a good rifle shotgun match and I owe much of my success to this match.

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