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Arizona Police Games – April, 09

June 11, 2009

In April, I attended the Az Police games 3 Gun event put on my the Tucson Police Dept.  The Az Police Games moves around Arizona with different cities hosting the event.  I have been match director for this match in the past but  this year, Tucson SWAT’s John Malovich had the luck to inherit the title.  John put on a fantastic match.  I hope that this match continues to grow and attract more shooters.  We got some from California but not enough from Arizona itself.  Too bad, because if you missed this match, you missed out.

John had taken Kyle Lamb’s carbine class with me in January (and he was man enough to wear his armor the whole class unlike myself).  There was a great deal of that class in this match: support side shooting, shooting in and around and even under cars.  You could tell those shooters who had trained for these contigencies and those that had not.  We saw this kind of shooting at Larue 3 Gun and I expect that we will see it even more, especially as the popularity of Kyle’s VTAC Drill Youtube videos increases.   

This match had one of the longest stages that I’ve ever seen, requiring the shooter to make two trips back and forth a 100 yard bay.  John also had a clever slug stage involving rotating paper targets at about 50 yards.  Upon activation by the shooter, the 5 slug targets presented themselves in a specific order.  One target would turn for about 1 second and then disappear and another would do the same thing.  This repeated through 2 cycles.  The shooter had to be ready and on target.  Once you shot, you had to quickly transition to the next target as they did not wait around.  To top it off, Ds were counteed as Misses! I ended up getting hits on 4 of the 5 and am pretty happy with that!      

The Team Match was my actually my favorite part.  All 3 teammate had to shoot all 3 guns!  The event was sort of a round robin but all the shooters were shooting at the same time.  Shooter 1 started at a table and engaged a plate rack with the rifle at about 75 yards, meanwhile shooter 2 engaged a plate rack with a shotgun and shooter 3 engaged a Texas Star with a psitol.  The shooters then transitioned. Shooter 1 going to the shotgun, shooter 2 going to the pistol and shooter 3 going to the rifle until all 3 shooters had engaged all of their targets.  This stage did require some strategy particularly with ammo management of the pistol and shotgun.  Myself, Keith Manning (DCA from MCAO) and his teenage son Grant won this event.  We shot my AR, my Benelli and Grant’s XD.  I mowed down the rifle and shotgun no problem but really had some trouble on the Texas Star with that XD but not enough to cost us the win.

I ended up winning the match in Tac Scope Division shooting my JPized DSA ZM4 with 18 in barrel, 55 grain FMJ reloads (no need for match bullets as the farthest shot was 100 yards) and a Leupold MR/T.  The shotgun was my reliable Triangle Shoting Sports M1 Benelli, and the pistol was a CZ SP01 worked over by CZ Custom with CZ match sights and a trigger job.   Everything functioned reliably. 

Again, if you are LE in AZ , you should try to attend this match.  The stages are on par with many major events.

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