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More Rio Salado Action June 13

July 3, 2009

Rio Salado’s rifle-shotgun match has gone multigun.  Here the shooter starts with a shotgun and must engage 4 slug plates from about 50 to 70 yards.  Then the shooter transitions to the rifle and engages a series of mid to long range steel from offhand off the post and then twice from prone.  Note that I take the time to “build a shot” and don’t just hose at the rifle targets.  By calling good shots you save time!  Offhand off rests like this post is surprisingly steady.  Also note my prone position.  I generally use the position that I was taught in highpower.  By bringing the strong knee up, you lift your chest off the ground.   This was a pretty good run.

More multigun.  This is more of a shotgun heavy stage.  Again note more time is spent loading than shooting so you have got to practice you loading.  Then practice it again!   The one big mistake that almost cost me is setting up for the flying clay.  Once in side the porch, I engaged a platewhich activates a puller launching a bird.  I shot the activator plate through the wrong part of the porch and when the bird was launched, the porch support greatly interfered with my swing.  I was able to manuever the gun to get it to the bird though. As for the rifle shooting, I don’t take a rest as a lot of shooters were doing.  The shots are all inside of 40 yards.   You need to develop your offhand skills so that you take make and call accurate shots at least to 50 yards and better yet to a hundred.  Taking a rest for these targets would have been a waste of time.

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