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European Rifle Championship – Stage 3

July 23, 2009

Stage 3 was a 38 round/190 point field course.  It was the highest point stage in the match.  It also had very tight safety angles.  The safety angles were the black number 3s on red background.

Stage 3 was where the differences in the Norwegian and American shooting styles became very apparent.  The Norwegians would find strategic spots and shoot everything from a static offhand position whereas the Americans chose to (mostly) shoot on the move.   We did not engage the last three targets on the move, however.  We got out our stop watches and timed the difference between shooting the last 3 targets on the move vs. running to the end (where you had to be to see the last target) and then transitioning back to the 2 targets we passed up.  The time was the same so we elected to shoot the last 3 from a static position as it would be easier to shoot points from a static position.

I believe the American way was better under the Comstock scoring system.  I am not so sure if I would have shot the targets on the move under the Horner scoring system however.

Note the gunhandling, everybodys’s fingers are out of the trigger guard when not shooting.

Also note my situantional awareness.  I skirt the mudpuddle with my feet while engaging a large target array.  You’ve got to be able to multitask – or have wet feet!

Daniel’s malfunction was with a Nordic Components PMag extension which gave us trouble if it was loaded with more than 40-41 rounds.  I shot a CMMG 42 round magazine which gave excellent service during the match.

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