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European Rifle Championships – Stage 14

July 23, 2009

Stage 14 was a 160 point long course with 4 steel plates at about 50 meters and paper targets out to about 15 meters.  It was one of my favorite stages as there were some technical rifle shots at the start of the stage and then a bunch of run and gun.  It was also my best stage of the match as I had the fastest time and only dropped 2 points.  The safety angles were a true 180.

Once again, American and European shooting styles differed greatly on this stage as most of the European shooters we saw shot the entire stage from 3 static positions whereas the Americans tended to move through the course shooting.  Daniel and I started on the easy paper targets and worked my way to the more technical steel targets.  I’ve always preferred to work towards harder targets from easier targets.  Kurt and Robbie, however, start with the hard targets and then move to the easier ones.  Daniel, in particular, mows down the steel.

Notice that Kurt and I start out with the small rear sight aperture from the first shooting position and then flip to the large aperture while moving up.  We both preferred the smaller aperture for the more technical shots on the steel but the large for the run and gunning.

The delay at the end of  Daniel’s run was due to the fact that he hit a barrel and was deciding whether or not to make up the shot.  He needed to so it was probably a good decision albiet delayed.

Another difference in style is how Daniel and I engage the targets in the middle of the course.   We engage in a completely opposite order.  I engage right to left an Daniel does it left tp right.  Once again, no way is really superior, it’s just that different people like different things.

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