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European Rifle Championships – Stage 6

July 23, 2009

Stage 6 was a 32 round/160 point Long field course.   Lots of points up for grabs! I did end up with a stage win here.  There were 2 swingers and the stage design prevented any shooting on the move.  You also had to be careful to not break the safety angles when opening the door.

The most important things to take away from this video is to watch how we set up for the shooting as we get to each shooting location. Many shooters get to the location and then setup, a time killer.  You need to be setting up as you  enter the  spot where you will be engaging the targets.  When moving short distances as in this stage, keep the rifle up.  Note how Kurt keeps it in his shoulder and I just dismount the rifle off the shoulder.  Different styles but both effective.

As for my own shooting, note that I’m not afraid to makeup shots that I call out.  Any Ds or edger Cs, I fire a make up shot INSTANTLY as I am reading the sights.  I am  not simply hosing down the targets.  When it looks good, fire a shot but if you call it off, make it up NOW! I also fire 3 at the movers just to be careful as they were at 25 meters.

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