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European Rifle Championship – Stage 1

July 24, 2009

Stage 15 was a 2o shot , 100 point medium course with 10 plates at about 125 meters, 2 classic targets at about 250 meters and 3 classic targets about 20 meters.  The rifle started completely unloaded. The shooter had to advance almost all the way to end of the shooting area to see the last 3 classic targets.

Team America engaged the targets in pretty much the same way:  load the rifle, use the doorway as a rest for the steel and far classic targets, and then advance to where you could see the last 3 paper targets.

Robbie shoots well but has a nasty bolt over base malfunction.  Kurt is solid but drops some points on the paper.  I pony up for a stage win on this one.   On the 4th plate, I called a good shot but it did not go down so there is a little delay before I pick it up.  On the 6th plate, I call a bad shot and immediately make it up.  Reading the sights is critical!  I never really settled down on the far paper so I fired some extra shots on each.   The sight just kept swinging through the target.

Daniel has a rough run.  He was letting his rifle barrel touch the barricade which was causing his shots to go all over the place.  This also happened to Kurt on a later stage.  It is critical that the barrel not be touching anything especially on technical shots.  If you are shooting and are suddenly off call, it may not hurt to check for barrel contact.

I watched some European shooters shoot this stage.  Many of them did not use the door way as a rest.  They slung up and shot the steel and paper sitting or kneeling.  That plan did not work out too well.  Using rest (even from offhand and especially reverse kneeling) almost always beats traditional shooting postions, except prone.

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