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Zig-Zag Drill Redux

August 5, 2009

When we were at Ft. Benning practicing for the European Rifle Championships, I put together a take-off on Kyle Lamb’s famous Zig-Zag Drill – then Robbie Johnson, Kurt Miller, Daniel Horner and I all tried it out.  And, of course, we filmed the results for posterity. . .

This is the down and dirty IPSC-y version of Kyle’s drill that we used in preparation for the European Rifle Championship.   We only need to get 2 hits per target as opposed to the 3 hits on the 2 targets that are advanced upon in the real zig zag drill.  We are also shooting paper instead of steel.  The shooting pace is slightly slower as we are trying to shoot points on the more challenging IPSC classic target.  I did not have a forward fault line like the real drill so Kurt Miller goes way off the reservation on his run, nearly running up to the targets.  I guess he did not understand what left hand turn means!  Finally note the stylized way that we have to hold the rifle when moving uprange in order to avoid breaking the 180.

Since I have actually taken a class from Kyle notice my vastly superior footwork on the last 3 targets (shot when transitioning right to left which is the hardest part of the drill for a right handed shooter).  The other guys end up doing the verboten “football player stuff” with their feet whereas I try to keep my feet pointed in the direction of travel as opposed to sidestepping.

This really is an excellent drill.  The one (and probably only) thing that we (the Americans) were better at at the ERC was shooting on the move and it is drills like this that get you there.

P.S.  Don’t tell Kyle.

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