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ACTS match – Nov. 09 – Stage 4

November 26, 2009

Another ACTS special!  This stage was obviously designed to add stress via physical exercises.  It also tested the retention of one’s gear. The shooter who went before me really knocked out the jumping jacks.  But it started to effect his shooting which began to degrade around the 5th revolution.  So I figured that that I would be slow but sure by knocking out the jumping jacks at a pace that would not kill myself.  It seemed to work.

The cadence that I shot on this stage is a good example of knowing what sort of sight picture you need for different targets.  The targets are about 125 yards away.  The middle target in the array was quite large.  You can see the difference in cadence during the shooting strings.  On the outer targets, I fire the 2nd shot when the sight returns to the target.  On the middle target, I just hammer two as the target was so large.  Once the sight was on there, send two!  That is the experience of seeing what you need to see when you shoot (and no more).

One final observation.  I was the only one that I saw who engaged the targets from right to left.  Everyone else was left to right.  I like right to left as I picked up the next target with my left eye and drive the rifle to the target.  I do not like to search for targets within the sight, I much prefer to see  the target and drive the sight to the target.  I also feel that (for a right handed shooter), driving the rifle to the left (when shooting off barricades or prone) makes for a stronger position while left to right causes one’s position to start to fall apart without some  significant body adjustments.  BUT you need to be able to shoot from left to right and right to left!  Don’t just practice one way.

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