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Fort Benning 2009 3-Gun Match

December 29, 2009

Surprising I won Stage 8, which should have been the TonyHolmes/ToddJarrett/Bruce Piatt stage.  But luck counts!

Stage 8 was a challenging pistol only stage.  The stage was very clever.  The shooter had a choice to make. At the first shooting box there were 6 mandatory poppers (all white) at about 20 yards.  Then there were two red poppers at about 15, 2 yellow poppers at about 25 with no shoots behind them, and two blue poppers at about 40 with no shoots about 1/2 behind them.  The poppers “opened” up other shooting boxes.  If you knocked down the yellow poppers, you could shoot the rest of the stage from the yellow boxes.  The trick was that the red poppers were easy but the red boxes presented the hardest shots.  The yellow poppers were a medium challenge as were the rest of the targets from the yellow boxes.  The blue poppers were the hardest but the shots from the blue boxes were the easiest.

Since the stage presented challenging shots no matter what you did, I chose blue and decided to get the hard shots out of the way.  But since I was afraid of the no shoots, I was holding at the inner edges of the blue poppers which is why I had some make up shots.  After the blue poppers were engaged, the shooting was substantially easier.  I also chose to engage as many targets as possible from the last box.  That way I did not really have to set up in a stable but time consuming position in the 3rd box.  Anyway, it worked out (unlike the rest of my match!).

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