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Texas State Carbine Match – 2010

February 23, 2010

Just got back from Corpus Christi and the Texas State Carbine match.  I would like to thank the match staff and the competitors for a great event. The match was mostly a short range affair due to the nature of the range.  But that does not mean it was not challenging.  There were drop turners, swingers, bobbers,  hard cover and not one but two stages which required sideways rifle shooting.

Special thanks to Jerry and Kurt for letting me film their exploits.  Kurt won Tac Iron, Ty Gentry won Tac Scope and I just beat Jerry out in Open.  I did not shoot better but I did not get any procedurals!  Jerry won 3 stages in Open and I won 4 .  But the most impressive run of the day was Kurt on Stage 7, the “long range “stage.  Kurt and his irons beat everybody else in the match.

We’ll have scores and video up as soon as we’re done editing the video.  In the meantime, go here for complete match results.

Special Thanks to Leupold.  I believe this is the 1st rifle match where the new Deltapoint has been used.  It worked great.  Due to the nature of the match, I guess that about 70% of the shots were taken with the Deltapoint as opposed to the scope.  I had only had the Deltapoint for a few weeks before the match and had only gotten to zero it and shoot it on 1 stage at Rio’s local rifle-shotgun match.  It has a triangle for a reticle.  I originally did not like it but I’ve gotten used to it and now after this match really like it.  The point of the triangle gives a nice precise reference point whereas the whole triangle can be used for the close range coarser stuff. 

One note on the competition.  I knew I would be shooting against Jerry.  Knowing this I decided to shoot for points as there was no way I could match his speed.  It seemed to work out although his procedural on Stage 3 is what sealed the deal.  The only time I went for broke was stage 6 where I shot some targets on the move.  And that is the only stage where I shot any Ds!  I should have slowed down and got better hits.

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