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Texas State Carbine – Stage 1

February 23, 2010

Stage 1 was a 22 round field course with 2 bobber targets activated when the door was opened.  Sorry, no video of me as Kurt could not figure out the camera.   Too bad as I almost slipped out of the shooting area on the slick mud. 

Jerry and Kurt shot the stage somewhat differently.  I shot in Kurt’s way, going to the bobbers though the door last.  From the left side, one target could only be seen from the left most port so the shooter had to use both ports to see all the targets.  

Then  Kurt and I went to the right hand side of the stage whereas Jerry went straight to the door.  Jerry’s time was 2 seconds faster than mine but he had twice the penalties so I won the stage.  His way had slightly less movement but Kurt and my way seemed to “flow” better, at least to me.  Again, don’t be afraid to shoot stages your own way (as long as it’s not stupid!)

I watched the bobbers beforehand so I knew which one would come up 1st.  Then I gave each of them 3 shots as they moved into my sights.  I had no points down on either bobbers so the extra shots were worth it.

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