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Texas State Carbine – Stage 2

February 23, 2010

Stage 2 was a hoser.  The shooter engaged a series of stationary targets through the right and left hand ports.  The center port had a series of dropturners and clamshells activated by the shooter via a foot pedal.

The two biggest things on this stage were to shoot fast and to be ready for the sequence of activator targets.  If you were “thinking ahead” of the targets it was no problem.  Shoot the clamshells as they came up, don’t wait for them to fully stop before shooting.  Line up on the drop turners before they go and get two good shots on the 1st exposure, that way you don’t have to wait for a 2nd exposure.

One thing that I saw a lot of shooters doing is use the barricade as a rest. DON’T DO IT on shots this easy.  The farthest shot could not have been 20 yards.  Nobody needs to go to a rest on a 20 yard offhand shot.  It’s a time killer as the barricade slows transitions between targets and takes time to setup on.

Again note some of the differences.  On the left hand port (shot last), Jerry and Kurt engage the targets far to near whereas I go near to far.  I almost always like to start easy then go to the more difficult.  I think that is a minority view though.  Jerry and Kurt start at the harder and shoot towards the easy (something that I’ve that noticed that Rob Leatham does a lot too).

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