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Texas State Carbine – Stage 4

February 25, 2010

Stage 4 was multi gun stage wherein the shooter started w/ a match provided M9.  The shooter engaged the 1st 2 targets with the M9 and then had to engage a series of rifle targets through a port.  This required that the rifle be turned sideways.

Jerry really put the hurt on me on this stage, shooting it both much faster (5 seconds!) and having much better hits.  Kurt and I both thumb cocked the M9 so we would have single action shots through the entire stage.  Little good it did me as my 1st shot was a D (-1.5 seconds).  I also had a D on the other pistol target.  I have shot M9s before and knew how the triggers were but it all fell apart when that buzzer went off.  Jerry really rails through the rifle shots.  He does a lot better job of  keeping the buttstock firmly in his arm.  Kurt does as well.  Notice how much more the rifle jumps around when I am shooting it.  Also notice how we ALL rest the rifle on the handguard not the barrel.

The targets are anywhere from 20 to 50 some yards.  No need to hold off at such distances.  If the reticle is on the target, you own it!

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