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Texas State Carbine – Stage 6

February 26, 2010

Stage 6 was a 26 round field course with 2 little tricks.  1st, there were two tiny minaturized IDPA targets (then 1st targets we engaged) with tiny little 0 zones.  Second, there was a mandatory mag change off the table before the last shooting position.

A couple of observations.  First, neither Jerry or I seem to read the stage description and have to ask what the start position is.  Pay attention before going to the line! Second, I think that my strategy on this stage was a lot better than Kurt and Jerry’s (!!!)  The shooter first engaged the tiny targets and then had choose to go right or left.  I went right and Kurt and Jerry went left.  I went right 1st and left 2nd, that way I was moving straight towards a target that I could see IMMEDIATELY after I finished from the left side.   Jerry (who reengages on the right side) has to search for his target a little bit after finishing from the right side.   Kurt (who reengages on the left side) cannot see the targets until he gets downrange a little ways.  I did not have to search or wait as I could see my next target IMMEDIATELY.  They both get a little bound up switching from right and left whereas my movement though the stage is smoother (although I fired some poor shots while moving).  Finally I think the way I planted myself in the center of the last port and moved my upper body was better than the hopping techniques used by Kurt and Jerry.  I do go back to the right side to make up a bad shot call (I did not need it but better safe than sorry).

These are very small improvements but when shooting Jerry Miculek EVERY little bit helps.  I can’t shoot as fast so I have to plan the stage strategory more carefully.

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