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Tiger Valley Team Match 2010

March 30, 2010

I shot the 2010 Tiger Valley Team match on March 20-21 at the Tiger Valley Training Center as part of the Arizona Action Shooters Team.  We ended up 3rd.  Russell Phagan posted these videos, which really show how brutal some of these stages were.  Lots of physical challenges as well as the ever-present Texas wind and some chilly rain made this match a bruiser.  It was the toughest shooting event that I have ever competed in.  Some stages required 1/4 mile  runs which in and of itself is not brutal,  until you do it in the mud, through ice cold creeks,  carry a 200 lb dummy on a strecher! I still have mud welded to my Lowa boots (which kept my feet dry).  My 5.11 Aggressor parka did a great job of keeping me relatively warm and dry (although I did not shoot in it – I wore it all the rest of the time).

There were stages, all of which required all team members.  Some stages had the whole team working together while others had you spilt up.  Usually it was up to the team to decide how to allocate resources.  We decided to try to keep me shooting as much as possible, particularly on the rifle targets of which there were many.

Criticism of the match?  The stage descriptions need to be written out and clearly define what penalties are. I also have no idea how the event was scored!

I shot an Open class rifle (JP and DSA AR with Leupold 4.5-14X MR/T and Deltapoint).  I shot more magnification than typical for a 3 gun match as I figured the team should have at least one more powerful optic.  It was a good idea for the sniper shots on the obstacle course stage.  I could also see the hits for the team on the “rattle battle” stage at 400, 300 and 200 yards.  I also used a VTAC padded sling which was the heat for this event!  Love live the 2 point sling!  The pistol was a CZ SP01 and the shotgun, a FN SLP.  Everything worked great.

Thanks to Russell for organizing Arizona Action Shooters – and for putting together the videos! Serious kudos to Russel for his excellent planning in bringing a collapsible ladder and a custom pack to hold it.  It definitely helped our team on the obstacle course (stage 3) where the team had to negotiate an 8 foot wall and climb into the snipers’ hide.

And a hearty thanks to all the match staff who trooped through the match and kept it moving.

But my biggest shoutout has to go to the winning team who even with a disabled vet was able to power though all the stages with good times.  You guys are tough!

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