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SMM3Gun Match 2010 – Stage 1

April 5, 2010

Stage 1 was a short shotgun and pistol course requiring the shooter to engage some shotgun targets (including the door breach), abandon the shotgun, move the gurney completely into the next shooting area and engage a plate rack at about 12 yards.  Does not sound to hard but even Bianchi gurus Tony and Bruce did not shoot the plate rack clean.

The terrible part of this stage is that it is worth 100 points just like all the others.  When a stage is so short, time becomes CRITICAL.  Anything that goes wrong costs you massive amounts of match points.  Stage like this have to shot aggressively as time is the killer. I shot it in 18.11 seconds, losing out 15 match points to the stage winner Glenn Shelby with a 15.51.

Notice we all go to the one sweet spot for the shotgun targets where the no shoots presented no issues. Also notice I shoot the shotgun dry.  I’ve seen too many DQs to trust the safeties staying activated after being tossed into a tube or on a table.

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