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Superstition Mystery Mountain 3Gun Match 2010 Stage 2

April 5, 2010

Stage 2 was a rifle/shotgun course.  The shooter had to engage a series of paper targets and 4 clay targets (at about 35 yards), abandon the rifle and then engage 11 shotgun targets.  Pretty straight forward.

The biggest differences between the shooters was the engagement sequence of the rifle targets.  Adam and I went to the prop first and engaged the farther targets and clays and then transitioned to an unsupported offhand to finish the paper.   I liked this way as the shooter ended up facing the direction that they would have to run to the barrel to drop the rifle.   The shooters also engaged the far targets in all sorts of sequences: straight across, clay first and then paper, or paper first and then clay.  I went straight across (mixing paper and clay) as it required less gun movement.

You definitely wanted to get off the prop as soon as possible as it slowed the transitions on the closer paper.  I almost manned up and shot the whole thing offhand unsupported but chickened out.  A 35 yard clay target is not that tough an offhand shot with a rifle but there were 4 of them.  I sort of regret not shooting them offhand.

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