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AZ ACTS Match – April, 2010

April 20, 2010

On April 17, the ACTS crew in Tucson ran a match based on the events of Blackhawk Down.  I find it VERY interesting that if a match advertises itself as based on some event (be it real life as here or fantasy as zombie based etc.),  a WHOLE bunch of new shooters will appear.  The stages may be little or no different from other matches but if the match taps into some pop culture reference, THEY WILL COME.  I suppose this is a some sort of positive direction and one that match directors can utilise to increase participation.   But having seen Blackhawk Down or Dawn of the Dead 1000 times or mastered Doom 2 or Left for Dead does not in anyway prepare you for a real shooting competition.

Thanks to the ACTS for running a clever match.  They really do a lot with little in the way of props.  Thanks to Russell P. for filming the match.  Thanks to Mark Bowden for bringing to life a battle that most likely had been forgotten if not for his efforts. But most of all thanks to the guys who were actually there putting their lives on the line (those that came back and those that did not) to try and better a very sorry country.

Stage 1:

Stage 1 was a “Virginia” count stage meaning that the shooter had exactly the number of rounds that it took to complete the stage.  So no missing!  The farthest shot for the rifle was about 35 yards.  All the rifle targets had hardcover.  But given the distance, I chose to shoot the rifle offhand.  Others shot off a rest which may have been safer but was a time killer.  The biggest mistake that I saw was people missing w/ the pistol.  Call your shots and make the hits!

Stage 2:

Stage 2 was more about running and negotiating obstacles as opposed to shooting.  But the middle aged lawyer still wins!  Why?  This stage had 3 full steel targets at about 50 yards engaged multiple times.  Absolutely no need to use a rest.  By shooting offhand, I saved a whole bunch of time.  I also made sure the golf ball (strobe light) was carefully placed on the table so as not to roll off. I also placed a spare on the table in case it did.

Stage 3:

Stage 3 was about being able to put together an accurate shot w/ the pistol (10 clay targets at about 15 yards).  The tennis ball grenades were merely a distraction.  I was too sloppy on this stage  (the grenades were distracting!) but many people just got slaughtered as they never really learned to put an accurate shot together with their pistol.  It is something hard enough to do without stress.  My advice is to work the Bianchi plates (something Rob Leatham calls the TEST with good reason). One funny thing about this match is that it really had a bunch of technical pistol shots.

Stage 4:

A pickup gun and pistol stage.  Things were going well until I had my contact lens cloud up.  Rather than blink and clear it up, I decide to panic and fire some “hopers.” Never a good idea.  I should have shot this in about 11-12 seconds but spent about 17 sec lamely launching lead into the berm.

Stage 5:

More of a running stage than a shooting one.  The first burst is at a target at about 125 yards which had to be shot on the move or from cover.  You got a a 1 sec bonus for  hit from each cover (barrel) so it was nowhere near worth taking the time to shoot from cover as you could only get a 5 sec total bonus and it would easily take 15-20 sec to engage from each barrel.

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  1. Scott Enderle permalink
    May 26, 2010 9:13 pm

    Shot ACTS a few months ago . Hope to shoot it again. – Regarding Stage One of Aprils Match.
    Did the shooters that did not drag the can get procedurals? The instructions clearly said drag.

  2. kellyneal permalink*
    May 31, 2010 8:37 am

    Those that carried did not get a procedural. It did not really make a difference though.

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