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2010 Blue Ridge 3 Gun Stage 1

June 11, 2010

This was my squad’s 1st stage.  It is a lengthy shotgun and pistol field course with some technical pistol targets, slugs, tight shotgun no-shoots, select slug and lots of shotgun loading.  The shooter also has to manage a slung shotgun throughout the course.

Notice how Tony and Bennie have the shotgun slung in the front whereas Robbie (and myself) had it on the back.  Robby and I did that to get it out of the way as much as possible during the pistol shooting.  I prefer it that way as opposed to having the shotgun buttplate up in my chest while shooting the pistol.

There were some small pistol targets at the start of the stage.  They really eat Robbie’s lunch.  Also notice how the shooters all stop to enageg the paper.  With Horner scoring, those Cs and Ds really add up.

A critical skill on this stage involved dealing with the no shoot steel targets in front of the shoot targets.  The shooter HAD to know the pattern very well and hold off just enough to get the plate but not the no-shoot.  You can see that Bennie just puts  few pellets on 1 of the shoots, hitting with the edge of his pattern.  Get your match loads and chokes and get thee to a patterning board (which are usually available at skeet, trap and sporting clays ranges).

These are long courses of fire so the shooters need to pace themselves.  Call your shots and don’t go too fast.

Kurt Miller (not on video) burned it down with a 83.66.

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