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2010 Blue Ridge 3 Gun Stage 2

June 11, 2010

Stage 2 was a 3 gun stage which included some more technical pistol shots (on the steel plates), both shot and slug targets, shotgun loading, some close range and some medium range rifle.  Sorry for the video quality on my run.

I made 1 big rookie mistake as I only had my earmuffs on.  The video does not catch it but they get knocked off right as I grab my rifle and I lose a few seconds readjusting.  Would not have been a problem had I been wearing plugs as well (which I usually do).

Note again Robbie and I have the shotguns on our backs and Bruce and Tony have them in front.  Tony’s is really up in in face but he still seems to shoot well.

I am the only one who shot standing using the tree as a rest whereas everyone else goes reverse kneeling.  Given the huffing and puffing at the end of the stage, I think they were right to get as stable as possible.

One final note.  Take the extra tenth of a second on those shotgun shots.  If you miss and end up doing a standing reload, it costs a ton of time.

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