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201o Eddie Rhodes Memorial IBPO – Stage 5

July 8, 2010

Stage 5 was a straight forward standards kind of exercise.  3 notes.

First, the first bank of targets presents fairly technical pistol shots.  You must be able to shoot accurate shots with your pistol if you want to succeed.  So many local matches have wide open hose fests which are fun but only test one skill: hosing.  I know from my former experience as a match director that many a shooter REALLY complains when you present them challenging shooting problem.  Well DEAL WITH IT.  Major matches are going to present you with challenging shots so if you want to get ready put them in your local matches and/or practice technical shots.

Second, the stage called for kneeling on the way up and the way down.  Kneeling was defined as one knee on the ground.  Note that I do NOT shoot a traditional kneeling. In the interests of speed, I forgo traditional kneeling and just use my offhand “platform” as it is faster to transition between standing/kneeling.

Finally, John has a HORRIBLE malfunction on this one.  Think it is the rifle?  Think again.  John  is shooting commerical factory ammo but the one round has a high primer and it jams his rifle up something fierce.  His Magpul sling keeps him from being able to get the momentum to clear it until he detaches it.  2 lessons: First, VTAC sling!  Second, always check your ammo even factory!

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