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Eddie Rhodes Memorial IBPO – Stage 1

July 8, 2010

Stage 1 was pistol/shotgun course.  It was straight forward but had two “traps.”   First there were a bunch of steel plates at 10-15 yards for the pistol.  The shooter could not be getting too many misses or they would end up doing a standing reload, which is what happens to Keith.  It was fairly technical pistol shooting and there was a bunch of it at this match which was very pistol oriented, which is what I think a police 3 gun should be.   The second “trap” was with the shotgun.  The shotgun started cruiser ready with five rounds.  There were nine targets, so it was friendly to duty shotguns holding five rounds. The shooters with 8 +1 guns would load up before shooting.  Any misses and the shooter would end up doing another standing load.

Two safety issues.  Be very careful about not drawing until you’ve turned around.  Finally, I don’t care for stages calling for “hot” reholstering.  This one did so be EXTREMELY careful when doing so so you don’t put a round in your leg.  I actually unloaded before reholstering out of an abundance of caution.  And I still won the stage.  Safety first!

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