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Eddie Rhodes Memorial IBPO – Stage 2

July 8, 2010

Stage 2 was a rifle/pistol stage. The rifle was used from 2 shooting ports and the pistol from the steps where specific targets had to be engaged from specific areas.

Note the awesome muzzle blast from Keith’s Surefire comp on the 16 in barrel.  Wow!  I’m just glad there was barricade left when I got there.

Grant struggles on the pistol a bit.  Get thee to the Bianchi plates!  The one plate give him trouble as he keeps anticipating the recoil and pushing his shots low.  His 9 was not taking the plate with a base hit.  You’ve got to get out there and master calling and building accurate shots.  It is not all about speed.

John posts a sold run with his extremely cool tactical rifle complete with Magpul angled foregrip and ACOG/JP combo.

The match used IMGA scoring.  From the 1st position, there shooter is faced with some head/hostage and some partial hostage shots.  I chose to shoot the heads straight across to keep the muzzle from having to go up and down.  If I called a good shot, I fired only 1, as 1 head hit will neutralize.  From the 2nd position, there are a bunch of body shots.  I give each of these 2 as it is harder for me to call a perfect A hits as opposed to a head shot.  It was not really necessary but it is safe.

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