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Eddie Rhodes Memorial IBPO – Stage 3

July 8, 2010

The hardest and maybe the best stage of the match.  Stage 3 was a shotgun/pistol stage requiring the use of the shotgun with slugs, then the pistol, and then the shotgun again with shot and no shoots!  The shooter had to manage the shotgun while shooting the pistol.  Some notes on everyone’s runs.

Keith decides to shoot the pistol one handed.  Not for me thanks.  He also goes for the 1 shot on the head on the first bank of targets.  You’ve got to be careful and call good hits if doing this.  Also note how close he gets to the barrels.  He can’t see the targets until the last moment. When Keith gets to the pistol barricade he makes a big mistake. By going to the center port 1st, he has to go back and forth one extra time.

I heroically try to do 3 things at once at the start: load the shotgun, sling it, and activate the clamshell.  Clearly 3 was too much as I accomplish 2, forgetting to load the shotgun!  Failing to do load the shotgun leaves me with a hostage situation on the very first shot.  I pulled it off but it did frazzle me.  I sling up the shotgun so I can shoot the pistol 2 handed. I always shoot 2 handed unless I am forced not to.  I also give the first bank 2 in the head to be sure as I am moving and shooting.  If you are just shooting 1 and call a bad shot, you end up stopping and backing up or even breaking the 180.  2 is generally safer.  Note how I stay away from the barrels on the 2nd array so I can see the targets sooner.  I then decide to ditch the shotgun for the last bank of pistol targets as I did not want it in the way (whereas John kept his slung – which I think was the better).   The close head target gives me fits as I take 6 (!!!) shots to get it.  I knew going in the pistol would be firing a bit low at that distance but I did not hold high enough.  I fired a nice group right beneath it.   The final cut is I have a malfunction on the last target!  I did use a modified choke on the shotgun to make sure I did not get any no shoots on the last bank.

John has a good run with far less mistakes.  He slings up after the initial slug targets and also shoots the pistol 2 handed.  Note how I went prone for the last pistol barricade port and John shot it  scrunched over kneeling.  His way was faster and he got his hits.  My way was more sure as I got a more traditional sight picture to deal with but slower as I had to get all the way down and then all the way up.  John also keeps his shotgun slung and it does not appear to interfere with his pistol shooting.

Grant, Grant, Grant.  Grant suffers mightily on this stage.  He decides to shoot the pistol one handed while holding the shotgun in his other hand.  Well he had never fired his XD one handed before and learns the hard way that it don’t work!  A hard but valuable lesson: don’t do stuff at a match that you have not mastered in practice.  Murphy is out there, biding his time.

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