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Next Up Rocky Mountain 3 Gun and DPMS

July 19, 2010

The next 2 major matches that I will be attending are Rocky Mountain 3 Gun and DPMS.  I will be shooting Heavy Tactical in both.  There are however almost radical differences in between the rules of these 2 matches.  As we 3 gunners lack an overarching rules committee, match directors are free to  define equipment rules as they see fit. And none can agree!

For example at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun, I will be shooting a DSA FAL with a new Triangle Shooting Sports Rolling Thunder comp (which works great!), a 12 gauge Winchester 1300 pump (which I had to borrow from Angus Hobdell THANKS Angus!), and a Dan Wesson 1911 .45 ACP with 10 round magazines.  At DPMS, I will be shooting the same rifle but my Triangle Shooting Sports modified Benelli and  I would be shooting my CZ Tac Sport 9mm but pistols are not going to be used at DPMS this year.  Two matches, same division, 4 different guns!

I am shooting a Leupold 1.5-5X MR/T with the CMR reticle on the FAL.  It is calibrated to a M4 carbine shooting greentip with a 200 yard zero and has a bullet drop compensator going to 900 yards.  I have settled on a load for the FAL (155 Hornady AMAX loaded with Varget) which is shooting about 1.5 MOA in the FAL.  Not bad for a 60 year old battlerifle!  Now I am spending my time trying to match up a zero with that load to the CMR reticle.  In other words where should the dot be zeroed to get the most out of the BDC.

At Rocky  Mountain, I will be shooting Hornady .45 ACP XTPs in the pistol,  Winchester AA 7.5s and Remington reduced recoil slugs in the shotgun.

Both matches are somewhat heavy on flying clay so I will be getting out to the sporting clays range to give that 1300 a workout.

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  1. Mikey permalink
    July 23, 2010 5:30 pm

    In other words where should the dot be zeroed to get the most out of the BDC.

    Same issues I am now trying to work out brother with my IOR ! Looking forward to beers and staeks at RM3G amigo.

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