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Stage 5 – 2010 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match

August 11, 2010

Stage 5 was our 1st stage.  It was a pistol and shotgun field course wherein the shotgun shooter had to deal with both bird shot targets and slugs.

My biggest observation is to note how aggressive Daniel is.  Almost all his shots with the pistol and even shotgun are while on the move, and not “walking on the move” but running on the move.  He is the only one who engages the first series of shotgun targets while moving. Kurt, Robby and I all get to a sweet spot and then engage.  Daniel’s way is definitely faster but riskier.

Kurt hangs back for the 2nd array of pistol shots whereas Daniel, Robby and I get closer.  I really have to as shooting a 10 roudn pistol, I cannot be making too many makeup shots.

Both Robby and I have hiccups at the end. I fail to hit the last slug target right away and Robby forgets the last clay.  You may see what you think is an AD by me.  It is not.  When loading the slug, I realize that there is 1 shot shell left in the gun so I can’t port load.  I load the slug in the mag and then shoot the shot out.

1 other significant difference.  Daniel and I unload the pistol before abandoning it.  I have seen too many shooters get DQ’d after putting a safety on and having it come off when dropping it into a box.  Simply dropping it in the box is 1-2 seconds faster but it is MUCH safer to abandon unloaded weapons.

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  1. Robby Johnson permalink
    August 11, 2010 8:44 pm

    Those videos look great especially the all shotgun stage you must have had a professional do the video work 🙂 Congrats on the win!!

    • kellyneal permalink*
      August 11, 2010 8:57 pm

      No, I just got some wore out old Ranger to do it. I think he might be a heroin junkie.

      And congrats to you for your win. Daniel and Jerry and Eric! That’s a lot of good shooters to fight through. I REALLY was hoping for a rematch after Norway. But we will meet again.

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