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Stage 1 – 2010 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

August 16, 2010

Stage 1 was a 3 gun course.  You can see several differences between the shooters.  1st as to Eric, Jeff Cooper called and wants his Weaver stance back!  2nd, notice the difference in how the rifles are slung.  I know Robby and I can’t stand to have long guns slung in the front unless we have to (as in stages requiring the use of the long gun 1st and then slinging).  I almost always sling long guns on my back if I have to shoot pistols 1st.  Daniel also slings on the back but Eric slings on the front, something that I have seen Kurt Miller and Tony Holmes do as well.   To me it gets in the way of your pistol shooting and I don’t like running around with a muzzle slapping me in the face but maybe they do!

Eric mans up and shoots most of the steel offhand.  The steel targets were 100 to 175 yards away so they were pretty challenging to do offhand while being winded after the pistol and shotgun parts of the course.  He shoots the offhand parts VERY well but forgets a paper target and has to retreat back through the course.

Horner once again shoots a masterful stage despite his malfunctioning shotgun.  He (and Robby and me) goes for the tree for the added rest.  Notice Daniel unloads his pistol completely to prevent any chance of a DQ.

Robby shoots pretty well too.  Once thing I notice is that he leaves his sling dangling which can effect offhand shots as the sling moves freely.

As for me,  1st of all  notice how that Rolling Thunder comp works!  2nd, notice that I am definitely more careful with the pistol shots as I only have 10 +1 rounds.  Any misses equals a slide lock or standing reload.  I ended up with a FTN as I engaged one paper through a tree and must have had a deflection.  My rifle shooting is not too good on this stage.  The FAL trigger is definitely heavier making technical offhand shots tougher.  Notice twice how I mentally call hits and start to move to the next target but have to go back, reset up and reengage.  That is unusual for me as I am pretty good shot caller.  The tree was definitely my friend on this stage!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Mikey D permalink
    August 19, 2010 1:40 am

    Where is the love on this stage description…….. !

  2. kellyneal permalink*
    August 19, 2010 11:01 pm

    There is your love!

  3. MikeyD permalink
    August 22, 2010 5:37 pm

    “He (and Robby and me) goes for the tree for the added rest” , which my bestest English mate Mikey told me about and to be honest he really saved my ass, he spent hours showing me all the angles and I couldnt have done it without him, as he is a really nice guy and looks after his buddies…

    Fixed it for ya ! 🙂

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