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Stage 3 – 2010 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match

August 17, 2010

Stage 3 was a rifle only course starting out with 3 close paper targets and then an array of steel from 125 to about 600.  Daniel, Robby and I all did it differently.  Daniel (with a Swarovski Z6) simply went right to left, making range adjustments off his reticle as he went.  This is the most efficient way with less gun movement and normally the way I would shoot it as well.  Robby (with a Leupold CQBSS 1-8X) goes from near to far.  This has a lot more gun movement as the targets are all spread out BUT with the Horus reticle in the CQBSS it was effective as Robby just went up the ladder in his optic.  Given the number of hashmarks in the CQBSS, this was less confusing than going right to left and dealing with going up and down the Horus.  I, on the other hand, divided the targets into two groups (close and far) and shot each right to left.  I was using a Leupold 1.5-5X with the CMR reticle which is calibrated to an M4 shooting 62 gr. Greentip NOT an .308 with 155 AMAX at 2600 fp so my BDC was a little off. So I shot the targets out to 250 using just the dot and then transitioned to the targets at 300 plus using the BDC and had to remember hold high as the 155 is not as flat.

I don’t think I would use this optic with a .223 reticle again for this match. Hopefully a .308 reticle will become available.

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  1. Mikey permalink
    September 20, 2010 4:22 pm

    Thanks for showing me on this one, I started off OK but on finishing I truely sucked…… 😦

    Ce La Vie Mon Amis

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