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Stage 4 – 2010 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match

August 17, 2010

Stage 4 was a high round count all pistol stage.  For He Man scope it was quite a challenge due to all the magazine changes we had to make.  Notice how many mags Trapr and I leave behind  in our runs!

Robby in particular as a good smooth clean run.  He does not move too fast getting ahead of himself and does not take too many extra shots.  Kurt and Mikey also have decent runs.  Ty gets all around the course, going over rocks and through bushes!

In He man Scope we had completely different strategies.  First of all, shooting one A does not cut it. Each paper (with 1 exception for me) gets 2.  By the time you fire an A, call it an A, and make sure it is an A, it is much easier to give each 2 and do more mag changes.   My run is pretty good with smooth movement with 2 exceptions.  When I miss the steel after the 2nd mag change, I have to go to slide lock as I was shooting a 11 rd gun in 10 rd. increments.  What that means is that in the next array, I have to give 1 target (a large full sized paper target) a 1 shot, 1A instead of 2 or do a standing reload.  Not a big deal, but I can tell you I really focused on that one shot.  I also flub the last mag change, not seating the mag all the way causing a click instea dof a bang at the last array.  A rookie move but at least I react quickly.

The biggest thing on this stage was to KNOW where all the targets were, make a good plan, and then have backup plans.  I KNEW that if I missed a steel I would have to make it up by firing 1 A to avoid a standing reload WELL before it happened.    This stage was tough due to the number of targets you had to remember as well as the sequence of reloads.

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