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Stage 9 2010 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match

August 24, 2010

Stage 9 is a rifle /pistol/bayonet stage.  The shooter had some easy pistol targets (paper right in your face) and some more challenging shots (steel plates at about 16-7 yards) followed by some close and medium range rifle shooting.

The pistol plates give both myself and Mike some trouble.  You just can’t substitute good sight pictures and good trigger squeezes.  Not my best pistol shooting.  With a 10+1 gun you have to make sure you shoots count.

Both Kurt and I abandon the pistol the same way.  Fire a shot into the last target, drop your mag, and fire the last round in the last target guaranteeing that the pistol is empty.  It is safer than dropping a pistol with the safety on, which can easily come off when you drop it.

Everybody has their favorite position for the last rifle position.  Eric shoots sitting.  Mikey, Kurt and I double kneel, Daniel seems to just fold in on himself and Robby reverse kneels.

As is common for me in this match, I call some hits with the rifle that simply aren’t there and begin to transition to the next target when I have not hit the previous.  Not good.  Calling shots is one of THE critical skiils for practical rifle shooting.

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  1. Mikey permalink
    September 20, 2010 3:39 pm

    Nice write up mate, and very astute in your views. I do now notice how Dan and Robbie shoot the last three papers one handed – very fast and flash – I need to work on that !!! 🙂

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