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ACTS August 2010 Pistol-Rifle Match

August 27, 2010

The August ACTS match was WWII themed.   Many shot WWII equipment and now I wish that I had.  I am in ACTS open division as my rifle has a comp even though it is iron sighted.

Stage 1 was based on the June 6 D-Day landings.  The shooter had their rifle covered by a plastic bag and had to shoot 2 steel targets 2X from each barricade.  The shooter also had to try to throw a satchel through the pillbox aperture for a 10 sec bonus. Per ACTS rules cover had to be used or I would have simply shot the whole thing standing from behind each barricade.  Safety 1st!  My earmuffs come off the 1st run and RO Russell Phagen wisely stops me.  I had earplugs in as well but he did not know that.  I was able to have a much faster run by NOT using the barricades as a rest for most of the stage.  The shots were on a large piece of steel at a little under 50 yards.  No need for rest.  The other shooters that I saw really ate up a bunch of time dealing with rests that they did not need.  I also decided that the satchel throw was not really worth it and get rid fo the satchel as fast as I can.

Stage 2 was based on a Japanese bonzai charge.  Each target needed three hits so it made for a real barrel burner.  The shooter also had to move to the 2nd barricade at the 15 second mark.  Russell and I decided to engage a certain set of targets that we knew we could easily engage within the 15 sec timeframe and then head out to the 2nd barricade.  If the shooter just shot until the 15 sec. mark, he could easily lose his place and not engage or mistakenly reengage targets.  Once again, too many other shooters used the tables as a rest which only slowed them down on these targets.

Stage 3 was based on the battle in the Warsaw ghetto between the Jewish and Polish resistance and the SS, a real tragedy as the Soviets did not intervene to help the resistance fighters.  The stage reminded me very much of Castle Wolfenstein as each shoot target had a Nazi War eagle on it. It was a straight forward pistol stage which I bollocks up by sending my 2nd shot into the head of a no shoot and fail to pick it up.  This stage is also a good example of how cover rules become very difficult to enforce.  ACTS requires the use of cover and the shooter gets penalized for dropping mags with loaded ammo.  I shot the stage very differently than I normally would have in order to maintain cover during the mag change.

Stage 4 was in honor of John Basilone, USMC medal of honor winner.  I have a heck of a time with equipment on this stage getting a terrible pistol jam (bad magazine).  I also struggle with the rifle as I have some fail to fire malfunctions.  The cause?  I have a titanium firing pin in that bolt carrier and it will not reliably fire Hornady training ammo which has Russian primers.  No problem with a stock firing pin but the titanium pin does not appear to have enough mass to reliably ignite those primers. Nice to find out during the stage!

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  1. Arturo permalink
    August 30, 2010 5:23 pm

    Nice first place again Kelly! I’ve had the same problem with the Hornady training ammo but I use the 55 grains and a titanium firing pin, I’ll have a FtF every 500 rounds or so. Good luck at the USPSA Nationals.

  2. Mikey D permalink
    September 29, 2010 5:13 pm

    Felt your pain here brother !

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