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ACTS Match – Oct 2010

October 18, 2010

On Oct 16, Keith and I shot the ACTS match in Tucson.  We both shot in the Enhanced division.  I did not shoot my usual kit.  I was ATAS (All Tactical and Shit) for a couple of reasons.  One, ACTS is more of a tactically oriented shooting organization.  Two, I am getting ready for some tactical training with Mike Pannone in the next couple of weeks.  So I am shooting 55 grain Hornady FMJs in a Scott Medesha  built frankentactical AR (which has survived  Kyle Lamb and Bennie Cooley classes so Scott did a great job).  It has a 16 in Colt carbine lwt barrel with a Medesha TAWS handguard, VTAC sling, DSA lower with JP trigger and Magpul stock, Magpul folding rear sight, Surefire 6P in a Leupold ring and an Eotech.  Notice the front sight is fixed and does not fold, something I don’t care for but get by with.  I also have a Aimpoint tripler on a Samson swing away mount, which I could not use as I was in the Enhanced division.

A couple of things about the TAWS handguard.     Scott was the first person I ever saw to swiss cheese up a handguard.  Second. the handguard does have a VFG but it is able to be easily adjusted up and down the handguard.  I typically don’t care for shooting with a VFG but they do have their place on a tactical gun, particularly when manipulating lasers and flashlights.

I am also wearing a 511 VTAC chest rig and Oakley gloves.  The pistol is a CZ Tac Sport .40 modified by CZ Custom.

Keith is shooting Optimus Prime, an M1A in a Sage stock with an Aimpoint.  It is heavy but works really well.  His pistol is an XD .45.

Stage 1 was very interesting.  The 5 targets each had ONE wood block somewhere on a board directly behind the target.  The shooter did not know where exactly but the blocks were within a certain space either behind the head, chest or pelvic regions.  The purpose of the stage was a failure drill, the target had to be engaged until the block was knocked off.  This has some excellent training applications as the shooter must keep engaging until the target is neutralized.  I do feel however that it is inappropriate for a match as each shooter is faced with a completely distinct shooting problem, so it is really not fair.  Par time was 60 seconds and only one target could be engaged form each position. I went for a slower methodical approach, shooting 3 across the pelvic, 3 across the torso and 1 in the head.  That failed as I only got 3 in about 2 mags worth of ammo before timing out.  Russell Phagen crushed the stage, shooting far more aggressively but using about 3 1/2 mags worth of ammo.

Stage 2 was a pistol stage wherein the shooter started with the goggles which simulate alcohol impairment and engaged the first 3 targets while wearing them.  You can see how much they offset your vision when I am playing with my magazine before the stage starts.  Since you can’t really aim at the targets, I give each target 4 shots.  Keith is inefficient go back and forth but if you’re not sure, shoot again.  I ended up with a miss on this stage on one of the head targets, nicking the bottom of the head.  Those goggles gave me some vertigo and I was not waiting for good sight pictures.  Notice I retain my mag in a drop pouch after losing the goggles and I use cover as I engage the last array, both per ACTS rules.

Stage 3 offered the shooter a choice, pistol with unlimited rounds or rifle with 14 maximum.  There were 7 targets requiring 14 hits. I chose pistol for a couple of reasons.  First, it is easier to shoot on the move with the pistol and I planned on engaging 2 targets while moving.  Second, the rifle allowed for NO mistakes as you only had 14 rounds for 14 hits.  The targets had an X or a T taped on them with brown tape making the marking indistinct.  The targets to be engaged were known after the shooter opened the folder at the start of the stage.  Keith chose the rifle and did just fine.

Stage 4 was a rifle/pistol stage.  Virginia count for the rifle: 14 rounds for 14 hits.  The rifle was abandoned and the shooter ran into the next bay and engaged 3 steel targets at about 20 yards from 3 positions and then a piece of steel at about 75-80 yards 2X from the final position. It is ACTS so you had to use cover when available hence hiding behind the barrels.  Lots of movement in this stage.  The rifle targets were engaged through ports with no shoots placed on the ports so you had to know your offsets.   You also had to be able to fire some fairly technical shots with the pistol after running around. A good stage.

One thing to notice about my shooting style is that I dismount the rifle when moving and then drive it to the target when I get to the ports. Most other shooters keep the rifle in their shoulder.   I think I move faster with a dismounted gun and I also like to drive the rifle to the target.

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  1. Bill permalink
    October 19, 2010 8:59 pm

    Agree that stage one was a tad unfair if you are going for score/time. I put I ended up trying the same method but only got 2 blocks in the end. That was a stage based on luck!

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