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ACTS December 18 2010

December 27, 2010

The ACTS boys in Tucson put on quite a match on December 18!  One of the more challenging local matches that I’ve been to.  I shot in the Open Division as my carbine has a comp.  It is a DSA/JP hybrid with a Leupold Primatic and Benny Hill comp.  The pistol is a CZ SP01.  Carbine ammo was handloads with 75 grain Hornady HPBT, Pistol ammo was handloads with 124 gr. Hornady HAP.

Stage 1 was a pistol and carbine combo stage.  It was quite physical as the shooter had to keep getting up and down to shoot through various ports.  1st off was the pistol: 1 USPSA popper thru each port.  The shooter had to carry the carbine and not break the 180 (so that left out slinging it).   Then the shooter charged their carbine and shot 1 paper target and put 2 on a steel at about 50 (except from the center barrel where it was just the steel).   The shooter was faced with two decisions  1) to shoot the pistol 1 or 2 handed: 2 handed being steadier but slower as the carbine had to be placed on the deck or 1 handed being faster but less steady.  I chose 2 handed for most of the stage.  I’m not sure that it was the way to do it though.   The 2nd decision was how to engage the targets through the ports with the carbine, particularly the 2nd port.   Given that ACTS scoring is +1 second a C and there were no shoot targets with the paper, I chose the slower but safer way: prone.  Again, I’m not sure that it was the best way, I would like to run the stage again: shooting 1 handed with the pistol and shooting sort of a sideways kneeling through the 2nd carbine ports.  My time was 66.45 plus 3 Cs for a 69.45.

Stage 2 was the controversial one (when stage 3 really should have been!).  It was a pistol only stage requiring that the shooter engage the 1st 2 targets with their hand on the barrel, then shoot the next array freestyle, transition to support hand only and engage the final array and the Texas star prone using the support hand only.  Many people demonstrated their lack of support side practice during this stage.  I can honestly say that I have never shot support only prone so the stage designers hit me with shooting problem that I had never directly faced before.  I say bravo!   The video is of my 2nd run as no one filmed the 1st.  On my real run, I managed to go 1 for 1 on the Texas star!  Something that I was not able to duplicate when filmed. It was a challenge that mentally crushed many of the shooters before they even shot it.  All I can say is practical shooting will eventually ruthlessly expose any weaknesses in your game.  My time was 26.31 +1 C for a total of 27.31.

Stage 3 had the shooter start downrange, turn a card which had a number  1 through 5, then run uprange to their carbine, load it, and then engage all the shoot targets.  The trick?  5 of the targets had 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 painted on the back so the shooter had to find their shoot target and remember to shoot it after loading AND remember not to shoot the others.  The only problem all but one of the unnumbered shoot targets can be engaged from the barrel.  If the shooter lucks out, the numbered shoot target can also engaged from the 1st barrel, meaning the shooter would only have to shoot from 2 positions.  If the shooter is unlucky like me, their numbered target can only be seen form the final position.  This could have been remedied with 1 more unnumbered shoot target seen only from the last position.   My time was 18.71 plus 3 Cs for a total of 21.71.  Those Cs hurt!  But check out how well Benny’s comp works!

Stage 4 was a straight forward standards kind of thing.  Engage 3 steel from the box and under the various shoot positions and crawl through the ports.  My time 40.51.

All in all, a fun and challenging match!


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