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Arizona Independence Day Match – Stage 2

July 21, 2011

Stage 2 offered the shooter a choice. If the shooter carried/drug the ammo can from station to station, he could have unlimited ammo. If the shooter chose not to deal with the ammo can, they could have ONLY 15 rounds for the 15 required hits. The targets were mini-steel IPSC targets at a little under 50 yards. A miss cost 10 seconds. whiel it was doable to go 15 for 15, I chose the safe (or cowardly??) way. Good call as I needed some makeup shots. Note how most of us do use the props as rests as the shots are much more difficult. I believe Mike and I are both safety “manipulators” who go to safe between every movement. I’m not sure about Keith. Both Mike and I get sloppy on the last target.

Mike’s malfunction was a dud primer which he QUICKLY clears. Note there is no hestitation on how to clear the rifle, it just happens.

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