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Arizona Independence Day Rifle Match – Stage 3

July 21, 2011

Stage 3 was the “hoser” of the match. Lots of close range paper targets. However there were a lot of no shoots too! Many of the targets, could only be engaged in the head (A/B zone) or even just a sliver of the head w/ no shoots covering the rest. The shooter had 3 ports and some of the targets could be seen through more than one port so you had to be careful to not reengage. Note that the shooter could start pointed at the target making for a speedy first shot.

I do have a good run on this one. You obviously have to compensate for the hold off (holding high for every shot to compenstae for sight offset.) The 1st target, I put 1 A in the body as I could guarantee it was a A but on all the other body shots, I take 2 shots. I even take 3 shots on the 1st target through the last port as I did not like the sight picture on the 1st shot (I was afraid it was too low.) But on all the head shots I only take 1 shot if I call it good. So the cadence on this stage is a bit different with single shots followed by pairs and vice versa.

Mike and I talked about this stage quite a bit. I think I am getting time over the other guys in 2 ways. First, I drive the rifle more aggressively between both the targets and the shooting ports. Second, I shoot the approach method for many of these shots. When I see the reticle crossing where it needs to go, I fire. The other guys wait for the reticle to settle and then shoot. To quote Bennie Cooley, I am shooting sooner not necessarily faster. That way my rifle is staying in motion as opposed to settling down. Mike’s other problem is that his biceps are just too big.

Mike and Keith start right and go left whereas Grant and I start left and go right. I’m not sure that made a difference or not. I’d liked to have it several times both ways.

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