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Arizona Independence Day Rifle Match – Stage 4

July 21, 2011

Stage 4 was another stage which required a choice. The rifle was in the shooting area and there were 2 boxes. If the shooter started in the farthest away box, thye would be able to engage the larger targets (a full sized steel IPSC). If they started in the closer box, they could only engage the smaller targets (quarter sized IPSC targets). The targets were about 130 yards away. The shooter had to get 10 hits. The catch was that you could only fire 2 shots from each shooting area. There were 3: each of which was a rickty prop. So a miss meant that you would have to do an extra transition. The farther box added about 5-6 seconds of time but we ALL figured it was well worth the run in order to be able to shoot at the easy targets.
I shot the stage on 3X.
Note how Keith uses his foot to hold down the middle prop. Also note how Mike aggressively pushes the prop to hold it still. Keith and I choose to shoot over the top of Props 1 and 3 whereas Grant and MIke use the sides. I slip by Mike as I shoot it clean whereas he has 1 miss so he has 1 more transition. Mike shot the stage later without using the props and it was faster but I was chicken during the match to do so. I wanted that support!

Thanks to the Tucson ACTS crew, Russell Phagen and the AzCDL for putting on yet another fun match. I won overall and Optics division. Mike was 2nd and won Reflex (1X). Team Manning did well with Grant winning irons sight and Keith taking 2nd in Trooper (the largest division) to Russell Phagen.

I shot my ole standby DSA ZM4 with JP parts, Leupold MR/T 1.5-5X with CMR2 reticle in a Warne mount. I used the excellent Hornady Steel Match ammo with 75 grian bullets (which were admittedly completely unneccessary for this match). Keith shot a Larue AR with 16 in barrel, Aimpoint and tripler. Mike shot a NGA X7 with an Eotech. That X7 is a really nice rifle worth checking out.

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