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AZ Independence Day Rifle Match – Stage 1

July 21, 2011

Stage 1 required that the shooter start with only 10 rounds in the magazine and then the shooter must shoot from a series of six shooting areas. It required 2 shots each on 3 A/C zone sized steel targets at 50 yards. While my score was good for the stage my shooting was a bit sloppy with 3 make up shots which is unacceptable for targets of that degree of difficulty. This costs me the standing reload at the last shooting area. Mike has a good run too and is clearly better at negotiating the obstacle. I get my time on him at a couple of spots. First, I go with 2 mags in a Safariland mag clip. This gives me a faster reload and really saves me for that standing (actually lying down!) reload at the last station. Second, I don’t mess with the props as rests due to the relative ease of the shots. Props can really be your friend but they do slow you down. Finally, I shoot from unsupported kneeling (basically just offhand but instead of standing I’m on my knees) from the 5th position while Mike goes prone. Prone is more much more accurate but slower. And I am able to quickly get to the next shooting station slightly faster.

3 more observations: First, note how aggressive Mike’s shooting stance is! Second, I manipulate the safety when moving between positions. Finally, I should be getting that knee down on the last station.

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